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    Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy At the beginning of February Ping escaped from his field and found himself stuck in a rotten footbridge. After being lifted from the bridge by tractor, it was obvious that he had suffered extensive wounds to his right hind leg. … Continue reading
    Blueberry 3

    Saving Blueberry’s teeth!

    Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy Due to a fall on some concrete, Blueberry had sustained multiple fractures to the upper and lower incisor teeth. It was noted by the attending vet that fractures had exposed the pulp cavity of both teeth. Blueberry was started on … Continue reading
    Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 14.14.20

    Supplement of the Season

    Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy It's a sad fact that the majority of oral joint supplements bought off the shelf do not deliver what they say they do! In fact in one study only 5 out of 23 oral products provided the recommended daily dose … Continue reading
    Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 18.15.44


    Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy What is ringworm? Ringworm, otherwise known as dermatophytosis, is a fungal skin infection caused by a dermatophyte fungus. The fungus infects dead tissue in the superficial layers of the skin, spreading quickly. The spores of the fungus eat away at … Continue reading
    Lucas Haman 1


    Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy In August 2016, Lucas was found in the field with multiple deep wounds to the front of his left hind leg, He was also struggling to move and put weight on the leg. Our vet Abi attended and on closer … Continue reading
    lola mccart

    Coronary band foreign body

    Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy This blog post is one with a twist! Have a look at the following Youtube video created by Andy Hayes. Coronary Band Foreign Body
    Dental logo

    Why should dental work be carried out regularly?

    Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy Why should equine dental work be carried out regularly? Below is an example of a case of dentistry that Mike, our dental vet, saw earlier this week. Here is what he found: "This horse had a 6cm periodontal pocket associated … Continue reading

    The Clinical Case of Finn

    Posted in Equine, Horses, Uncategorized on by Abii Dowdy Here is Finn. Finn came to us after his owner found him in the field with this nasty wound, presumed to be from a kick. She called us immediately and cold hosed it while waiting for Katharine to arrive. Once … Continue reading

    BBC Radio Northampton

    Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy Today Mike Sheldon, equine partner and veterinary surgeon, was interviewed on BBC Radio Northampton by Mr John Griff. Below is a link to listen to the show! Mike was live at approximately  2:40pm and discussed why we chose to create … Continue reading

    *urgent update for poultry farmers*

    Posted in Farm Animal on by Abii Dowdy Keepers of chickens, turkeys and ducks are being told by the government's chief vet to keep them indoors for 30 days or take steps to separate them from wild birds. Its part of measures to protect poultry in England against … Continue reading
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