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  • Veterinary Laparoscopy – Helen Pope

    Posted on by Andy

    The following talk was given to the clients of Towcester Veterinary Centre in May 2012. Please watch the following video if you missed it.

    Towcester Veterinary Centre Small Animal Hospital is the only veterinary practice in Northamptonshire that currently offers its clients the option of performing routine surgical procedures, including bitch spays, using laparoscopy. Laparoscopy or minimally invasive surgery(keyhole) is a surgical technique in which the operation is performed through small incisions as opposed to much larger incisions needed for the more usual open techniques. The advantages are many fold including less post operative pain, less haemorrhaging and shorter recovery time.

    Joined Towcester Veterinary Centre in 1991 and now a partner, Andy was instrumental in setting up the six vet team at the equine clinic at Plum Park.
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