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  • Archie’s story

    Posted on by Cat

    Meet Archie, a beautiful 12 year old Labrador Retriever. Archie was referred to our surgical referral service a few weeks ago with Laryngeal Paralysis, an upper respiratory condition¬†that meant his vocal folds didn’t move outwards during inspiration making it literally difficult for him to catch his breath. He was also coughing, retching and depressed. His owners thought they were going to lose him. Archie underwent surgery called a tieback (arytenoid lateralisation) to open up his airways and herehe is just over a week after surgery. Although he needed intensive care ¬†and hospitalisation immediately after surgery he is now at home where his devoted owners report that he has found a new lease on life. Archie has of course been a star patient throughout his ordeal and we are all thrilled with his recovery.

    Joined Towcester Veterinary Centre in 2005 and now a partner, Cat enjoys all aspects of surgery but has a special interest in orthopaedics and laparoscopy.
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