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  • Bambam’s case – atypical presentation of a diaphragmatic hernia

    Posted on by Cat

    Bambam, an 11 month old MN DSH cat was found lodged under a fence and his owner was unable to get the distressed cat out. Whilst the owner was on the phone to the fire brigade he pulled himself out and then collapsed. He was seen by a Northampton practice who administered first aid and then decided to refer him to us for stabilisation and surgery. Our 24 hour care allows animals to not have to be moved any more than necessary.

    Bambam was admitted by our weekend hospital team. He was stabilised and placed on a constant rate infusion of morphine and his vital signs and basic parameters were monitored.

    Once stable enough for anaesthesia full radiographs were taken and showed a left coxofemoral luxation and chest radiographs were suspicious of a diaphragmatic rupture. A contrast study confirmed this suspicion. A laparotomy was performed and a small rent in the pars sternalis of the dipahragm was repaired with PDS. A craniolateral approach to the left hip was used for open reduction of the coxofemoral luxation and a Rectus Femoris suture was used to stabilise the joint. Post operative raiographs showed improved lung expansion and good seating of the hip. He was hospitalised for a further 24 hours and went home comfortable and walking well on the leg.

    This case illustrates that many orthopaedic patients have concurrent, potentially life-threatening problems and the importance of preoperative stabilisation.

    Joined Towcester Veterinary Centre in 2005 and now a partner, Cat enjoys all aspects of surgery but has a special interest in orthopaedics and laparoscopy.
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