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  • Alice Sheldon passes Equine Surgery Exam

    Posted on by Andy

    Massive congratulations to Alice Sheldon, who has just passed the Equine Surgery (orthopaedics) Certificate examination, in addition to the certificate in Equine Practice she gained in 2007. She will now be Alice Sheldon BVM&S BSc MSc CertEP CertES(orth) MRCVS (a bit of a mouth full, Al for short). This is no mean achievement involving huge personal sacrifice and commitment, in fact very few people have actually passed this examination outside a university environment! This will benefit our equine practice greatly enabling us to draw on her expertise and huge knowledge base.

    Joined Towcester Veterinary Centre in 1991 and now a partner, Andy was instrumental in setting up the six vet team at the equine clinic at Plum Park.
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