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  • What’s new with laparoscopy

    Posted on by Cat

    Laparoscopy is definitely the “in” thing at the moment. We are now carrying out laparoscopic procedures most days of the week ranging from ovariectomies (mainly) to cryptorchidectomies. We even get disappointed if the testicles are inguinal! We do as many abdominal procedures as we can either completely laparoscopically (such as exploration of the abdomen, organ biopsy, ovariectomies) or laparoscopically assisted  (cystotomies, enterotomies). We are so excited by this surgical modality because we feel the advantages to the patient and client are endless. A liver biopsy can be as quick as 10 minutes cut to close, the patient goes home within a few hours and we have diagnostic samples. We have now also have a Harmonic Scalpel which is a state of the art ultrasonic scalpel and coagulator which further decreases surgical time and patient morbidity. Even our equine patients will soon benefit from laparoscopy as we will be offering standing ovariectomies and cryptorchidectomies thereby making the procedure much safer than one requiring a general anaesthetic.
    We see referrals from many local practices and some are client led. Many clients are already aware of the benefits of laparoscopy having experienced it themselves and are therefore keen to extend these benefits to their own pets. Although clients are at liberty to self refer, our preference would be for vets to refer them. We feel this offers a more professional framework. The client is happy as they get the procedure they want, the referring vet is happy as they retain client trust and remain in control of the case. And we are happy because we can provide the best possible procedure for the animal and retain a good working relationship with our referring vets.  Please contact us if you have a case, or want to discuss a case that could benefit from laparoscopy.

    Joined Towcester Veterinary Centre in 2005 and now a partner, Cat enjoys all aspects of surgery but has a special interest in orthopaedics and laparoscopy.
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