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  • Spiral Radial Fracture in a Lurcher

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    Dilly, a 4 year old female lurcher, was referred from a local practice for treatment of her fractured right forelimb. She had a complete closed spiral wedge fracture involving the distal 2/3 of her radius with a fissure extending beyond her distal physeal scar. She also had a simple oblique fracture of her ulna. The small distal radial bone fragment was of concern, as enough bone was needed to effect a stable repair and the most economical method of repair was sought. A bilateral uniplanar Type II External Skeletal Fixator was applied. For added stability the ulna was plated with a Veterinary Cuttable Plate (VCP).  Dilly tolerated the ESF frame well and was weightbearing immediately after surgery.

    Eight weeks after surgery radiographs were taken which showed that bone healing was progressing well but was not complete. The frame was destaged by removing 2 pins to increase elasticity and encourage healing. Four weeks later radiographs showed complete cortical bridging  on orthogonal radiographic views and the frame was removed. Dilly is doing very well.

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