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  • Genevieve’s special chair

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    Genevieve is a 7 year old Springer Spaniel who was referred to us from a local practice with a history of vomiting. She underwent endoscopy which involves looking inside her gastrointestinal tract with a camera. She was diagnosed and treated for a severe oesophagitis (inflammation of her oesophagus) and initially did very well on medical management. However, she came back to us in April after suddenly taking a turn for the worse with her previous symptoms returning.
    Genevieve underwent a general anaesthetic and radiographs were taken of her chest and abdomen, she also underwent a repeat endoscopy of her oesophagus.

    Genevieve had developed “megaoesophagus”, a condition where the oesophagus dilates and the muscles which normally contract to push food down into the stomach are less effective at doing so. As a result food and water pool in the oesophagus and are regurgitated some time after feeding. This can result in malnourishment and oesophagitis.

    To help manage this condition Genevieve’s owners built her a “Bailey Chair”. The Bailey Chair was originally designed by owners of a dog called Bailey who was also diagnosed with megaoesophagus. It is effectively a high chair for dogs. The intention is for the dog to sit in an upright position for every meal to allow food to settle into the stomach by gravity. Genevieve now receives all her meals in an upright position and is quite happy to stay in her chair for 20-30 minutes after her meals. She is also taking medication to help manage her inflamed oesophagus.Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 15.13.48


    We are pleased to report that Genevieve is currently doing very well

    If you want to read more about megaoesophagus then has lots of useful information.

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