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  • Flu outbreak confirmed in Northamptonshire (NN7)

    Posted on by Andy

    There has been a confirmed outbreak of Equine Influenza, commonly known as flu, in our local area. Equine influenza is a highly contagious viral disease that spreads very quickly in an unvaccinated population of horses with an incubation period of approximately 3 days.


    Clinical Signs



    The mainstay of treatment is strict rest, anti-inflammatories and confinement in a dust free, well ventilated area.



    The best way to protect your horse is with vaccination. The primary vaccination course involves two injections 21-92 days apart (ideally 4-6 weeks apart) followed by a six monthly booster and annual boosters thereafter.


    Although many horses are already vaccinated we are recommending extra precautions in the face of this outbreak. We recommend vaccinating the following:


    1. Your yard has had horses moving on and off

    2. Your horse is stabled in the NN7 area or adjacent districts

    3. Any known contact with unvaccinated horses


    If you are worried your horse may have equine flu or you would like to book a vaccination, please call the office on 01327 811007.

    Joined Towcester Veterinary Centre in 1991 and now a partner, Andy was instrumental in setting up the six vet team at the equine clinic at Plum Park.
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