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  • Young bones heal quickly

    Posted on by Cat

    Meet the lovely Reggie – sweet enough to eat isn’t he! He is an Italian Greyhound, a very dainty sighthound breed. At the tender age of 3 months he broke his tibia (shin bone) one Sunday afternoon. He was a brave little soul who let our duty vet and nurse stabilise his injury with a Robert Jones Bandage until we could repair his fracture the next day.

    An External Skeletal Fixator (ESF) was placed in a closed manner on the inside of Reggie’s leg. By this we mean that we placed the implants without opening the tissues over the actual fracture site which would disturb any healing already taking place. The  ESF re-aligns the limb and adds rigidity and support whilst the bone continues to heal.

    A mere four weeks after fracture repair we could confirm on radiographs that the bone had fully healed and the ESF frame was removed. We are pleased to report that Reggie is doing very well and continuing to enjoy puppyhood – We recommended wrapping him in cotton wool!

    Immediately post-operatively:

    post op lateral  Post op crcau

    4 weeks post-operatively:

    healed lateral  healed cr:cau

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