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  • Equine Flu Confirmed near Wellingborough

    Posted on by Andy


    A case of equine flu has been confirmed near Wellingborough today.

    Equine influenza has a maximum incubation period of 3 days and affected horses can then shed the virus for up to 11 days. In recent outbreaks vaccination has protected in contact individuals.However vaccinated horses can still  become infected but often only show mild symptoms such as a serous nasal discharge rather than the typical signs of coughing, high temperature and  profuse nasal discharge. Vaccinated horses can also shed the virus and can therefore spread the disease but usually for a shorter period of time. In order to offer maximum protection in the face of an outbreak, we recommend that your horse should have a flu booster vaccination if it has not received one within the last 6 months.

    The following video shows a couple of individuals infected with flu.

    The following video is a recording of our recent client talk on equine flu given by Richard Newton from the Animal Health Trust.

    Joined Towcester Veterinary Centre in 1991 and now a partner, Andy was instrumental in setting up the six vet team at the equine clinic at Plum Park.
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