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  • Storm’s thank you

    Posted on by Cat

    Storm is a your typical beautiful and loveable yellow Labrador Retriever who lives by the sea in Essex. Sadly for him he had suffered from chronic severe ear infections for many years and was not responding to medical treatment. His devoted owners self-referred themselves to us for surgery and I operated on both his ears 6 months ago removing the entire ear canals on both sides  (Total Ear Canal Ablation and Lateral Bulla Osteotomy – TECABO).

    Today I received this touching email and pictures of Storm and wanted to share for anyone worrying about having this ear surgery done on their dog. We are so thrilled at how well Storm is doing but not surprised as most owners report a dramatic improvement in their dog’s demeanour after surgery.

    From Mr Woods:

    “Storm’s story

    Storm was born on the 1st September 2004, in Derbyshire, We travelled from Essex to go and see him when he was 8 weeks old. Yes you guessed it, we brought him home. He has been one of our dogs and very much part of the family like our other three.

    We have a collie named Sky, then we got Storm, then along came Summer (chocolate female Lab) and to get the trio of colour we brought Cinders (black female lab).

    During 2008 / 2009 Storm developed an ear infection, our local vets in Rayleigh Essex treated this, but about a year later the infection returned. Unfortunately we also change insurance companies for or dogs.

    Storm ears continued to get infections and they became harder and harder to treat. Test were carried out on the contents of the ear canals etc and the results came back as an infection called pseudomonas, which apparently is very hard to treat and cure.

    Our local vets said that he needs an operation called a TECA BO, this is the removal of his ear canals and ear drums etc. Our vets gave us various options as to where we could have this procedure carried out. Unfortunately our insurance company wouldn’t cover these operations. They classed it as a pre existing condition.

    The practices we were given, by our vets, all wanted horrendous prices for the operation, some as expensive as £2000 per ear. They also said that it was very risky to carry out, as there are a lot of nerves around the area and if they get damaged then he could be left with paralysis in his face.

    We obvious were concerned as to how we could afford the operation, but knew that we had to find the money from somewhere. Then after an internet search we found Towcester veterinary practice and the Wonderful CAT Arthurs.

    Obviously Cat needed to see Storm and have his clinical history sent up to her, we arranged an appointment around Christmas period and drove the 109 miles to the practice. Cat examined Storm’s ears and confirmed that he needed the operation. What gave us great comfort was that Cat explained everything that would be needed to be done. She also mentioned the nerves in his face and how they find them first.

    We left the practice very reassured and said that we had to work out when the best time would be for the operation to be carried out. Once a date was set, we booked our other dogs into the kennels and then a hotel for ourselves for two nights. (Hilton Hotel Northampton) and they allow dogs in the hotel. Its not right for me to put what the cost were, but let me say that the travel costs, hotel bills and Towcester’s charge were not anywhere near what we had been quoted.

    The day arrived for Storm’s op and off we set at 5.30 in the morning, we arrived at the practice earlier than expected, however the staff on duty at the time admitted Storm and said that they would contact us if they needed to. We left very upset and worried, after about an hour we received a phone call from Cat saying that a blood test had been carried out and some areas of the blood gave concerns, we chatted and it was decided that the ops would go ahead.

    Later in the day Cat called us and said the ops had been done and everything was fine. Cat Arthurs is a fantastic vet, as well as the other staff at the practice. We cannot thank them enough for what they have done for Storm.

    Its now 6 months later and our Storm is back to his normal self, Happy bouncy and full of life. The biggest problem still lies with us as we forget he cannot hear and still try calling him.

    If you love you dog and need specialist treatment like ours I have no hesitation in recommending Towcester Veterinary practice and Cat Arthurs, we put our trust in her with one of family and she came up TRUMPS.



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