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  • How did she inhale a stone?

    Posted on by Cat

    Meet Gaia Рa gorgeous inquisitive three year old black cat. A few weeks ago her owner phoned our emergency vet Sarah Elliott in the evening. Gaia was struggling to breathe and retching. Sarah asked that Gaia be brought to the surgery straight away.

    It is not uncommon for cats to swallow blades of grass that get stuck in the back of the throat which is what Sarah expected to find on anaesthetising Gaia. When no grass blade was found and Gaia’s respiratory distress increased under anaesthetic Sarah radiographed her chest.




    Imagine her surprise when she saw a foreign body in Gaia’s lungs.


    Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.30.58


    Sarah decided to consult with her veterinary colleague Jen Calder (aka endoscopy queen). Jen came to the rescue and used the flexible bronchoscope to look into Gaia’s lungs where they could see a stone! Using an expandable basket like device Jen was able to remove the stone but it took well over an hour. Thanks to Sarah’s quick thinking, Jen’s excellent endoscopy skills and lots of team work they were able to save Gaia’s life.

    Gaia has now recuperated and is doing well.

    But we would all love to know – how on earth did she inhale a stone??

    Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.04.30


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