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  • Telephone conference on beef feeding and finishing

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    Notice to all Beef Producers

    BRP is planning a series of telephone conferences this winter on key beef feeding and finishing related issues. Finding time to leave the farm for meetings can sometimes be a challenge so the idea is to bring key industry experts to your farm office via your telephone for short updates on the latest news and practices.

    The conference calls will take place on the first Friday of each month, with two invited speakers from across the industry (however, the first call is the 10th October). All you need to do is call in from your mobile or landline and listen.

    If you have a question you can email it during the call and we will relay questions to the speaker at the end of that session. A summary document of the main points covered by both experts will be available to those producers who email a request to

    The first conference is Friday 10th October at 1.30pm featuring:-

    Pete Kelly – How good is your silage and what current feeds are best value to balance it
    Pete Kelly is a ruminant nutritionist who has worked in the industry for 20 years, initially as an ADAS nutritionist before establishing his own nutrition and cattle management business 16 years ago. He now spends all of his time on farm-based consultancy mainly with dairy cattle and beef to find “back to basics” solutions for feeding and management to optimise production.

    Debby Brown – Minimising pneumonia in finishing cattle
    Debby Brown is a qualified vet who has been in practice since 1999. More recently she has been able to develop her approach to a whole farm enterprise, predominantly aiming to prevent issues that arise in all areas and joined a leading nutrition company 4 years ago. She spends her days working directly with farmer clients giving advice and problem solving on beef, dairy and sheep issues.

    We would like you to invite you to our first telephone conference on Friday 10th October at 1.30pm, to join the call simply:-

    1) Dial 0844 473 01 68 (from a landline) or 033 0336 0880 from a mobile, a few minutes before the call starts, you will hear a prompt to type in your pin number.
    2) Type the following pin when prompted – 304890 you will be joined to the conference call. All participants will be muted to reduce background noise and interference.
    3) At 1.30pm the chairperson will open the meeting and welcome everyone at the start and explain the agenda for that day’s conference.
    4) You will be able to listen to the speaker but will not be able to speak to them directly.
    5) If you want to ask a question during the call, please email it to:- There will be a question session at the end of each speaker.
    6) Please note you can join and leave the call at any time you wish

    Calls will cost 4p/min and will last no more than 45 minutes covering two topics per call. You can email us to receive specific documents mentioned by either of the speakers, and you can also request an email reminder 30 minutes before the conference call, just click on and type ‘Reminder’ in the subject box.

    If you have any questions about how to access the phone conference or who is coming up in future calls, then please email or call Fiona on 0870 241 8829

    We hope you can join us.

    Kind regards,

    Chris Lloyd
    EBLEX Industry Development Manager

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