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    Posted on by Kat Mozdzynski

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    Dear Weedon Vets, 

    I have a 3 year old Westie. Last summer she was a bit itchy but we put a flea treatment on and it stopped after a few weeks. She’s started being itchy again the past few weeks and all her feet have turned pink! The skin between her toes is getting a bit sore. We’ve used the flea treatment again but this time she isn’t improving. Can you give us some advice please?

    Elaine (Daventry)

    Dear Elaine,

    Itchiness has numerous causes. You were quite right to use a flea treatment as ruling out fleas (or an allergy to their saliva) is the first thing to do with an itchy dog. Once parasites have been ruled out the next most likely cause of itchiness is an allergy.  This can be to something in the diet or to something that is breathed-in (the animal version of hay-fever). Licking the feet is part of a classic pattern for breathed-in allergies, along with scratching the armpits, groin and ears, but can also be due to other things.  Her pink fur is due to saliva staining from the constant licking. If your dog’s feet are sore then I would recommend you see your vet ASAP and they can discuss treatment and further investigation with you. We are having a very early Spring and animals that are allergic to pollens seem to be showing symptoms much earlier this year!

    I hope this helps, we are always here for further advice if you need it.


    Kat Mozdzynski
    Kat has been nursing for 12 years and joined the team at Towcester Vets back in 2013. She enjoys all aspects of nursing and specialises in clinical work and acupuncture.
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