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  • Equine Eyelid Injury

    Posted on by Emily

    Injuries to the eyelids are common. They often arise without any obvious circumstances.

    75% of the natural blink is performed by the upper eyelid. Wounds left to heal naturally result in distortion to the eyelid margin and often severe deformity which may result in eye loss. Prompt and appropriate treatment should be sought urgently.

    This pony was sedated and the wound was then clipped and prepared for surgical closure, using topical chlorhexidine surgical scrub. A supraorbital nerve block was placed to desensitise the upper eyelid, and an auriculo-palpebral nerve block was used for temporary paralysis of the upper lid.

    Local anaesthetic was placed on the surface of the cornea to desensitise it, and the wound was flushed with sterile saline. Fluorescein staining was used to determine whether there was any damage to the cornea, fortunately there was no damage in this case.

    The wound edges were preserved and simple interrupted sutures are used to bring the wound together.