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  • DEFRA Urges UK Farmers to Be Vigilant for Signs of Bluetongue!

    Posted on by Kat Mozdzynski

    DEFRA is urging farmers to be vigilant for signs of bluetongue this spring and summer, and report any suspicions of the disease, following the recent publication of a risk assessment suggesting that the UK could be at risk of an outbreak this year. The virus is currently circulating in France, and may arrive in the UK via infected midges being blown across the channel.

    Current estimates put the risk of a disease incursion in a cool spring at 5-10%, later in the summer at 33-60%, and at 60-80% by the end of the summer.

    It’s very uncertain at the moment, though, and risk estimates will change as the year goes on and weather patterns etc become clearer.



    There is currently no vaccine available for UK farmers against the disease and farmers’ unions are working with Defra to secure vaccine stocks. If you would like some more information please don’t hesitate to call our team on 01327 350239. Regular updates on the risk can also be found on the DEFRA WEBSITE




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