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  • Interesting Case log- Albert the Bunny with the huge bladder stone

    Posted on by Kat Mozdzynski

    Albert and Buns had been happily “married” for several years and it was distressing to all when Buns suddenly became ill and had to be put to sleep.

    Albert’s owners, knowing that rabbits are happiest when in a stable pair, wasted no time in arranging a “date” for Albert at a rabbit rescue centre to try and find him a new wife (and provide a good home for an unwanted bunny).

    It takes time for a new pair of rabbits to bond and the rescue centre requires all rabbits coming in for pairing to be up to date with their vaccinations.  Albert was brought into the Weedon practice and, as usual, had a full health check as part of his vaccination appointment.bladderstone

    Unfortunately when Albert’s abdomen was palpated a large, hard mass was felt in his bladder. This was most likely to be a urolith- a stone that forms in the bladder.  Albert was showing no symptoms but it would only be a matter of time before he started to have problems and possibly not be able to pass urine at all.
    Albert’s owners took the brave decision to have the urolith surgically removed.  Once anaesthetised x-rays were taken and confirmed the presence of a large stone in the bladder and lots of calcified sludge.  The stone was successfully removed, the sludge flushed out and Albert recovered very well.  After a few days at the Towcester hospital he went home.


    Albert is a classic example of how a routine examination can reveal unknown disease.  For rabbits especially, catching illness before they become too debilitated is very important.  Albert spent a week at the rabbit rescue centre, with his new spouse Pixie and they are both very happy!


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    Kat Mozdzynski
    Kat has been nursing for 12 years and joined the team at Towcester Vets back in 2013. She enjoys all aspects of nursing and specialises in clinical work and acupuncture.
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