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  • Tij and the mystery tooth!

    Posted on by Abii Dowdy

    Tij, a 3 year old coloured mare, was presented to our resident dental veterinary surgeon, Mike. Tij’s owner realised that the mare was having issues when trying to accept the bit.

    During his medical investigation, Mike discovered normal upper wolf teeth which he subsequently removed. Additional to this, a further, larger abnormal tooth was identified on the lower arcade.

    A radiograph was taken to identify the size and orientation of the root of the tooth in order to plan a successful extraction.

    At the time of extraction, Tij was sedated and local anaesthetic was used to desensitise the area. Mike then carefully elevated and extracted the tooth.

    Tooth being elevated.

    Tooth being extracted.

    Finally, radiographs of the area were then taken to ensure that the whole tooth had been removed. You can see in the circled area that no part of the abnormal tooth remained. The horse has made an excellent recovery and no further action has been needed.

    Tij is back to her happy, healthy self and even had time to pose for the camera!