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  • The Clinical Case of Finn

    Posted on by Abii Dowdy

    Here is Finn. Finn came to us after his owner found him in the field with this nasty wound, presumed to be from a kick.

    She called us immediately and cold hosed it while waiting for Katharine to arrive.

    Once Katharine examined the wound closely, it was revealed that the common digital extensor tendon (that helps pull the foot forward) was completely severed and she also suspected a hairline bone fracture.

    The wound was thoroughly cleaned and sutured. He then left the clinic with a pretty pink bandage on to return home. Unfortunately the tendon could not be repaired, however most horses learn to compensate without it.

    The stitches were removed 2 weeks later and Finn was walking normally again.
    He will still spend 6 weeks in the box and then start a gradual program of field turnout.

    We are very glad that Finn is starting to feel more like himself now!