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  • Why should dental work be carried out regularly?

    Posted on by Abii Dowdy

    Why should equine dental work be carried out regularly? Below is an example of a case of dentistry that Mike, our dental vet, saw earlier this week.

    Here is what he found:

    “This horse had a 6cm periodontal pocket associated with a diastema (gap) between some of his upper cheek teeth.
    This highlights the need for a regular, thorough oral examination.”

    “Diastema are gaps which can form between adjacent teeth and pack with food. These are extremely painful for horses; whilst they are very common they are often overlooked. Horses are extremely stoic and will rarely show signs of oral pain so overlooking this issue is easily done.”

    “In this particular case the diastema and periodontal pockets were flushed and all rotten food removed. A bridging material was used to prevent food packing into the pocket whilst it heals.
    Further dental work to balance the mouth and reduce exaggerated transverse ridges was also carried out to hopefully allow the teeth to start to drift back together.
    Regular flushing every 3 months will be required whilst this occurs.”

    This following link will direct you to our Facebook page where you can see photos and videos of the treatment.