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  • Saving Blueberry’s teeth!

    Posted on by Abii Dowdy

    Due to a fall on some concrete, Blueberry had sustained multiple fractures to the upper and lower incisor teeth. It was noted by the attending vet that fractures had exposed the pulp cavity of both teeth. Blueberry was started on antibiotics  straight away to try and prevent an infection developing and the horse was referred to our clinic for endodontic work to try and save the teeth.

    Our dental veterinary surgeon Mike got to work.

    Fragments of tooth were removed and the sharp edges of the remaining teeth rasped using the high speed drill.

    The pulp chamber was then meticulously debrided (dead and contaminated tissue removed) and flushed using the high pressure air and water abrasion tool. Once bleeding tissue was found we knew we had reached viable healthy pulp.

    The pulp chamber was initially sealed with a Calcium Hydroxide cement. It was then capped with a filling resin (Starfill) to permanently seal off the chamber.

    Hopefully the quick treatment will ensure that the damaged teeth remain viable.

    It is very important that any teeth fractures are seen and treated promptly to be able to save the teeth.