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  • Nail in the foot

    Posted on by Abii Dowdy

    In July, Danta came in from the field non-weight bearing on his left hindlimb. On inspection, his owner found an object penetrating his solar surface.

    His owner left the object in place due to the unknown position of the object and placed a padded poultice over the site whilst waiting for the vet.

    It is vital that any objects penetrating the feet are NOT removed before seeing the vet.

    Foot radiographs were taken to determine the position of the object before removal.

    The radiographs revealed a round object with a short neck penetrating the solar surface.

    The object was removed leaving only a small defect in the sole and the outer surface of the frog. Luckily no structures had been affected by the foreign object.

    Danta walked off very comfortably and thankfully had a very lucky escape!