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  • Sinusitis Case

    Posted on by Abii Dowdy

    Earlier this year, Loxley presented with a runny eye and right-sided creamy nasal discharge. Antibiotics and eye drops improved the signs but after treatment stopped, the nasal discharge reoccurred.

    Often nasal discharge can be associated with dental problems so we recommended that Loxley came into our Plum Park clinic for further investigation. Mike Sheldon our dental veterinary surgeon performed an oral examination and x-rayed Loxley’s head and teeth. Radiographs showed fluid within her sinuses, indicating sinusitis. The fluid lines within the maxillary and dorsal frontal sinuses are shown on the radiograph below.

    Antibiotics alone are often insufficient to treat sinusitis and surgery is usually necessary. Mike created a hole (trephined) through the frontal bone of Loxley’s skull allowing access into her sinuses.

    Once the sinuses were flushing through clear and no more pus was seen, the catheter was removed and the hole quickly healed with no further intervention.

    Loxley returned to work and it is great to hear that since her surgery she has gone on to win inter regionals; win her second ever Advanced Medium and qualify for summer regionals, Petplan and Midway championships! She was also a star in Horse & Hound magazine!