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    Posted on by Abii Dowdy

    Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin which has been shown scientifically to improve equine hoof hardness and growth rates.

    Horses are unable to synthesise biotin, therefore the vitamin must be obtained through either the diet or via intestinal absorption via hindgut fermentation.

    It is unclear how much  biotin is actually required by an individual. This is because the amount of vitamin obtained from feed and absorbed from the hindgut varies so much between individual horses and groups of horses in different geographical locations. It is likely however that a horse or pony will need at least 20 mg and up to 60 mg biotin per day in its feed to be beneficial.

    Horses likely to benefit from biotin supplementation are those individuals with dry brittle hooves, cracked hooves, chronic and recurrent laminitis, ones that are shod frequently and those that have generally bad feet.

    Due to the lack of industry regulations you cannot guarantee that the product you buy from the tack shop actually contains what it says it does on the label. However you can be sure that one scoop of Towcester and Onley Equine Vets Hoof Supplement contains 37.5 mg of pure Biotin!