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  • Thorn in the eye!

    Posted on by Abii Dowdy

    On our Facebook page recently, we asked our followers what they could see in the above photo. Our vet Abi has released the answer! Well done to everybody that guessed correctly!


    “This pony came in from the field with the classic signs of a painful eye, including increased tearing and holding the eye tightly shut, known as blepharospasm.

    On clinical examination, a focal area of corneal oedema was noted which appears as a white area on the surface of the eye. On closer examination, a small foreign body was evident which needed removing. Under sedation, local anaesthetic was put in the eye to desensitize the corneal surface and the tip of a small needle was used to remove the foreign body. As you can see, although less than a millimeter in length the thorn tip still managed to cause a problem!

    A subpalpebral lavage system was placed, which enables eye drops to be delivered to the eye remotely via a thin tube plaited into the mane; this is very useful for horses that resent eye treatments and require frequent dosing.

    After two weeks of pain relief and antibiotic eye drops, the pony’s eye had completely healed.”