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  • Synovitis Case

    Posted on by Abii Dowdy

    The above horse, a 20 year old Cob gelding,  presented with acute onset moderate (4/10) left hind lameness, a  positive response to flexion testing,  and significant effusion of the digital sheath.

    Ultrasound showed significant synovitis and synovial proliferation, with no evidence of tendon pathology. The most significant finding was disruption and thickening of annular ligament at 3b, 4.

    Synovitis is the injury/ disease of the synovial membranes located in joints. These membranes can come under pressure and when they become compromised they can cause the horse pain, resulting in lameness.

    The above ultrasound scan was taken at the time of presentation.

    Suspected acute annular ligament / digital sheath desmitis. Initial treatment consisted of bute, cartrophen injections and ice.

    Scan 1 month post injury

    The horse was medicated with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP ) 3 months post injury.

    This is the scan 6 months post injury.

    Following assessment at 6 months, this horse was sound at trot but still positive to flexion. He started an increasing exercise program.

    Final assessment at 10 months. There is a reduction in PAL thickness and improved fibre pattern.

    The horse was sound at trot and canter and has now returned to full work. Not bad for an old boy!