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    Posted on by Abii Dowdy

    Mesotherapy is a nonsurgical method of treating chronic musculoskeletal pain in horses. It involves multiple injections into the middle layer of the skin — the mesoderm. Depending on the individual clinical examination of the patient and it’s history, single anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs are used alone or in combination.

    The medication is injected through small gage needles into the affected area leaving many little lumps under the skin containing the drug solution. These lumps usually can take up to 7 days to disappear after treatment. It usually takes around a week to notice the positive effects of mesotherapy and, depending on the horse’s individual response to treatment, it can last around 2 months; especially when the treatment is combined with physiotherapy and correct exercise.

    The action of the drugs is based on inhibiting the inflammation and pain information conducted in the major nerve tracts originating in the muscles lying underneath the injected site. Moreover, human studies have reported that this method provides higher concentrations of the active substance that stay for longer in the muscles when compared to an injection into the muscle itself. All these effects lead to growing popularity of mesotherapy as an alternative management for back pain, neck pain and stiffness in horses.

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