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    Posted on by Abii Dowdy

    Grace’s owner discovered that her mare had sustained a nasty wound to her head whilst relaxing in the solarium. As usual with horses the definitive cause of the wound couldn’t be established as they can injure themselves on anything!

    Grace’s owner called us out and it was only after the mare was sedated and calm that the full extent of the flap could be assessed.

    With head wounds horses very commonly become head shy due to the soreness and pain associated with the wound. Once sedated, Grace’s instinct to raise her head diminished and we were able to clean the wound thoroughly and put in some local anaesthetic.

    Our vet Ashley was able to suture the wound together in 2 layers of sutures.

    11 days later the sutures were removed and the skin had healed beautifully. Grace is still a little head shy but with time that should reduce back to normal.

    We wish Grace the best of luck as she is competing in just over a week!