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  • Can I take my pet abroad after Brexit?

    Posted on by Abii Dowdy

    Earlier this week the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) advised that if the UK leaves the European Union next year without a deal, from the 30th March 2019 there would be changes to pet owners who wish to travel abroad with their animals. 

    We have decided to outline the changes in a blog post for you because as your chosen veterinary professionals, we all may need to act on these implications by the 28th November 2018. 

    Pet owners will still be able to travel to Europe with their pet after the UK leaved the European Union, no matter what the Brexit negotiations. They will however need to take some additional steps to be able to travel with their pet. 

    If you are planning to travel after the 29th March 2019 you will need to contact your veterinary practice at least 4 months in advance to discuss what requirements your pet will need to meet to be able to travel. 

    Pets will need to be sufficiently vaccinated against rabies with a blood sample then taken to demonstrate that your pet has sufficient levels of rabies antibody. This blood test would need to be carried out a minimum of 30 days after any initial rabies vaccine and at least 3 months before their travel date. Please contact us on 01327 350239 to discuss the requirements further, or follow the link below: