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    Posted on by Abii Dowdy

    ** Rather than pictures please roll to the bottom of this page to watch Steven’s orthopaedic case unfold at our Towcester clinic. **

    This horse presented for a lameness examination following an accident during transportation.

    On examination the horse was very lame right fore and very positive to flexion.

    There was marked effusion (swelling) of the carpus. Local anaesthetic was infiltrated into the carpal joints, the horse was assessed immediately and the lameness had improved significantly.

    Radiographs were taken of the carpus and these showed no significant abnormalities.

    An ultrasound evaluation was carried out to assess the ligaments and tendons overlying the joint capsule. This showed joint synovitis (inflammation) and peri-articular osteophytes (bony irregularity around joint margins) consistent with mild degeneration of the joint.

    The cause of the lameness and swelling was likely due to trauma because of over-extension of the joint. Corticosteroid medication was infiltrated into the joint. This will reduce inflammation and therefore pain.

    The horse is on strict box rest for 4-6 weeks and will be reassessed prior to returning to work.

    Orthopaedic workup at our Plum Park clinic.