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  • Bull Fertility

    Posted on by Abii Dowdy

    Now is the time to be thinking about performing a bull MOT before he gets to work again. It is estimated that 20% of bulls have reduced semen quality (subfertility) with a further 5-10% being completely infertile. Subfertility can mean a prolonged calving period, increasing the risk of calf diseases like scour and pneumonia and the associated reduced growth rates and unappealing variations across the group.

    Pre-breeding bull fertility checks cover general physical health, measurements of scrotal circumference, palpation of internal accessory sex organs and microscopic examination of a semen sample collected by the use of our electro-ejaculator. This should be performed 6-9 weeks before the start of the service period allowing time for retesting or, in the worst case scenario, to source a new bull.


    Stock bulls should be tested annually as there is no guarantee that a bull will remain fertile from one year to the next. New bulls should not be left out and pre-purchase bull fertility tests are strongly advised to ensure your costly new purchase is fit for the job he is intended for.

    Bulls need to be adequately restrained in a crush with good access underneath to allow for semen collection. The ejaculator is battery powered but we need a nearby power point for the microscope, ideally protected from the weather, as semen and rain are a bad combo!

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