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  • Pelvic scoring in Heifers

    Posted on by Abii Dowdy

    Heifers are often the most problematic individuals during calving, most commonly due to a mismatch in the size of the calf and the dam’s pelvis. By measuring a heifer’s pelvic area before she is put to the bull we can avoid the complications this mismatch creates. Pelvic measuring should ideally be performed at 13 months of age, but anywhere from 11 – 24 months is fine with some more complicated maths at our end. The calculations allow us to predict the estimated pelvic area at 2 years of age and, more importantly, whether she will be able to deliver an average sized calf for your farm with little or no problem.

    We are currently working with clients who have used pelvic scoring over the last couple of years to see if our expectations are being met. So far we are pleased to say the data supports the theory that animals with pelvic areas below the cut off have had more calving issues. Going forward we would obviously hope to be confident enough to rule these heifers out of the breeding group all together, before they even get to cause a problem.

    If you would be interested in measuring your next batch of bulling heifers please call the office to book an appointment.