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  • Summer Survival guide for Pet owners

    Posted on by Abii Dowdy

    With the UK warming up for Summer we thought it would be useful to gather a few tips to keep your pet in top condition:

    Keeping your pet cool

    To help your pet keep cool we recommend walking them either end of the day. Heat stroke is common in dogs and those with a thick coat, those that are overweight or have medical conditions are most at risk. Heat stroke can be brought on by even the most minimal exercise so always take care when exercising. Keep a paddling pool in your garden to encourage your dog to keep cool and ensure that your pet is NEVER left to overheat in a vehicle.


    Thin haired/ white coated pets are at risk of sunburn during the warmer months with white cats being particularly vulnerable. Skin cancers can develop (most commonly) on ears and noses starting off as scabs/ sores that don’t heal. These may then develop cancerous changes. To protect your pet, make sure you apply a SPF factor 50 or factor 100 lotion to problem areas.

    Insect alert

    Be aware that bees and wasps provide great entertainment for your pets! Keep an eye out for sudden swellings on your pet’s face, paws or body and ensure you seek veterinary advice.


    This occurs when your pets get dirty around their back end, enticing flies to lay eggs in the mess. Usually the case with small furry pets so ensure you regularly clean out cages and check their back ends. Always make sure they have shade available and use anti-fly medication to stop them laying eggs.