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  • Preventative healthcare against parasites!

    Posted on by Abii Dowdy

    Take a look at our latest article on how preventative treatments can help to keep your whole family safe from infection.

    A parasite is an organism that lives in or on another animal and benefits from depriving them of nutrients. Fleas, ticks and worms are all examples of common parasitic organisms that live in and on your pets. Recently, there has been an overall rise in the number of ticks being found on dogs, these parasites can transmit many diseases including Lyme disease to your pet so can be dangerous. Also, a shocking statistic has been released about fleas, stating that 5% of fleas are living on your pet and the other 95% are living in your home! Furthermore, were you aware that some parasites and parasitic infections from your pet can transfer to humans? Those who can be affected by these infections tend to be whose who are more vulnerable, such as young children, the elderly and people suffering from illness. A lot of pets that we see in clinic are family animals who are undoubtedly going to be around a variety of humans in their life, meaning that it is in everybody’s interest to reduce the risk of infection. Because of this, the partners of Towcester Veterinary Centre have put their heads together with our loyal suppliers, Zoetis, to create a practice-led scheme that will benefit all of our clients.

    The main issue we have seen with parasitic infection in practice is when owner’s haven’t followed the recommended treatment administration for their chosen product. Zoetis, the company that runs Vet Post have done some research and, on average, dogs are treated for fleas, ticks and worms for 2 out of 12 months of the year. This figure drops slightly for cats. Out of the people that did administer the treatment to their pet, around two thirds of these gave their pet the treatment late. As the dosage for parasites is usually monthly, we need to help our clients increase this cover to help keep their pet healthy and their household free from potential infection.

    The biggest way to enable a positive treatment outcome is to improve the administration of prescribed medication amongst pet owners and making sure it is being given to their pet on a routine basis. This is the focus for our new practice-led scheme, Vet Post, which allows the client to sign up for 12 months from the last time their pet was seen by one of our vets, with monthly direct debit payments and the medication delivered straight to their door. Not only will this act as a monthly reminder that your pet is due their treatment whilst also saving you time, Vet Post also manages to save you between 10-15% off of the usual price of your flea, tick and worming treatment! The medication is always dispensed according to your pet’s weight so an accurate measurement is needed to begin a subscription. Due to this, we can only sign up pets over 1 year old. We do offer free flea and worming checks in clinic if you’d like to take full advantage of Vet Post’s 12 month subscription. Our reception team will be able to sign you up so please call us on 01327 350239 or pop in to any of our small animal clinics.