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  • Look after your vaccines so they can look after your stock!

    Posted on by Abii Dowdy

    Vaccines do a wonderful job protecting our animals from a variety of diseases and are a worthwhile investment to ensure the health of your herd or flock. However, it makes sense to protect this investment by making sure you look after your vaccines from the moment they get picked up from us until they enter the animal.

    Here’s a few dos and don’ts to ensure your vaccines do what you’re paying for them to do!


    Give lots of products on the same day as a vaccine. Only give more than one vaccine
    if you have checked that they are compatible to give together and then give them on separate sides of the animal.

    Use a vaccine if it’s been open for longer than a day. Most vaccines only have an 8 hour shelf life once opened so won’t work properly after this. Make sure you order the correct number of doses for what you need that day.

    Use a needle that injected an animal to draw up more doses of vaccine. Leave a clean needle in the vaccine bottle to draw from and attach a different needle to inject or use an injector gun.This will prevent contamination of the vaccine.


    Vaccinate when needed – make a note of revaccination dates and aim to vaccinate as close to that date as possible. Missing this date not only leaves your herd or flock unprotected but can also mean re-starting a vaccine course at extra cost.

    Vaccinate as the data sheet tells you – lots of vaccines require two doses to start the vaccination course. This is essential for the vaccine to prime the immune system and the timing of these is very important – always stick to the interval recommended.

    Bring a cool bag to pick up your vaccine and take it straight home to put in a working fridge! Keeping vaccines cool is essential to them working properly. Protect your investment by storing them correctly! We’re always keen to help people protect their vaccines so you can now buy Towcester Farm Vets branded cool bags – the coolest way to look after your vaccine! Priced at £6 ex VAT, they’ll make sure that your vaccine reaches the farm safely ready to protect your animals. Contact our reception team to buy your cool bag now!