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    Posted on by Abii Dowdy

    We understand that as your dog is part of the family, it is only right that they should open a gift on Christmas morning. With the influx of Christmas-themed toys, treats and stockings available to purchase, it’s important that owners take into account what is suitable for their canine companion.

    Pick the right size of toy for your dog.

    We have seen cases where dogs have been given toys designed for much smaller pets, which then got stuck in their throat. This resulted in choking or swallowing the toy and the pet having to undergo a surgical procedure to have the item removed. To reduce this risk, ensure you purchase toys designed for your dog’s size and make sure they are marked safe for pets to use. Alternatively, any soft toy that is marketed for children under 3 will not include parts that could be a choking hazard or include any dangerous fillings.

    Is your dog likely to rip the toy apart?

    Following on from the point above, ensure you purchase the correct type of toy for your pet. For destructive pets, the Kong toys available are hard-wearing and you can rest assured that they will enjoy themselves trying to dig out the treats! If you do opt for a softer toy, check all the parts are adequately sewn together and replace any older toys that have become more fragile. Avoid toys that have ribbons, feathers, strings, eyes or other small parts that could fall off, be removed, chewed or eaten.


    Poultry and rib bones are not good treats to give your pet as the bones tend to break and splinter. If you do give your dog a bone, make sure they’re supervised.

    Rawhide toys and treats

    Keep an eye on these as your pet eats them! Depending on the quality of the rawhide, chewed pieces can break off, and there is the risk that your dog can swallow them. There is then the possibility of them becoming an intestinal blockage. Once the rawhide is small enough to fit in your dog’s mouth, it is time to throw it away.

    Be treat-wise

    Certain coloured rawhide chews contain chemicals and artificial flavourings. Stay away from these and buy traditional rawhide chews. Also, limit the number of treats given as they are a large source of calories for canines. For example, a small/ medium jumbone treat is the calorie equivalent of us eating 3 burgers and half a chocolate bar. 1 pigs ear chew is like us eating 4.5 sugared doughnuts and 1 ounce of cheddar cheese is similar to us eating 1.5 chocolate bars.

    If you’d like to chat to a member of our team about what treats and toys would be best for your dog, contact us on 01327 350239. Alternatively, visit our Burcote Road practice to choose from our display of pet-safe toys.