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  • Benchmarking antibiotic use on farm

    Posted on by Abii Dowdy

    Thank you to all the clients who have provided stock numbers in the last 3 months – Els has been busily using the data to calculate antibiotic usage per farm, adjusted for the number of animals present at the time.This means we can benchmark against national levels and also within the practice so you are able to see how your farm usage compares.

    Industry RUMA targets are 10mg/kg for beef and dairy – with national levels currently at 21mg/kg. The sheep sector is aiming to be under 5mg/kg, with current usage levels between 3-17mg/kg.

    Three months of data has now been analysed and there is a wide variety of use within our clients. Some farms are well above the industry targets, for those farms, please do get in touch to discuss how we might be able to address this. Some are well below – congratulations! – but please don’t think that will mean we’ll let you rest on your laurels! Have a look at the numbers below, and if you have received your usage data for the last 12 months, see where you fit in. The majority of farms can look at reducing antibiotic usage further – through improved management, building design or vaccination. As ever, we are keen to stress that if animals are in need of antibiotic therapy then they should receive it – an appropriate drug, at the correct dose rate and in a timely fashion – reduc- ing levels cannot be achieved at the cost of animal welfare.

    For those of you that have not yet received your figures, they will be coming out at the next TB test or Red Tractor review. If you would like to discuss your results, please contact the office.