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    Joined Towcester Veterinary Centre in 2008 after working in several large practices. Alice has a keen interest in lameness diagnosis and treatment.

    Latest thoughts on the treatment of Impinging Dorsal Spinous Processes (DSPs)

    Posted in Equine, Horses, Surgical on by Alice

    DSP impingement, colloquially known as “Kissing Spines” is a common cause of back pain in horses (1). The normal spaces between these uppermost process of the horse’s vertebral column are reduced and pain arises from the bone to bone contact … Continue reading

    A surgical update on Proximal Suspensory Desmitis (PSD)

    Posted in Equine, Horses on by Alice

      Injury to the proximal region of the suspensory ligament is a common problem in performance horses. Damage can occur in fore or hind limbs, uni or bilaterally. In the hind limb the prognosis for return to full athletic soundness … Continue reading

    February’s Equine Orthopaedic blog: Developmental Orthopaedic Disease and future jumping performance in Warmblood stallions

    Posted in Equine on by Alice

    In a bid to think about life after winter and consider the sale and purchase of horses to bring on over the summer, I have decided to focus on an interesting article(1) that looks at the predictive value of pre-sale … Continue reading

    Laminitis and steroids: latest information about the risks

    Posted in Equine on by Alice

    Laminitis is a common cause of lameness. There has been growing interest and research into the causes of laminitis over the last 12 months and considerable progress has been made linking medical disorders such as Equine Metabolic Syndrome and Pituitary … Continue reading

    Introducing Equine Orthopaedic Blog and Fracture repair in the standing horse

    Posted in Equine on by Alice

    As many of you will know I have been working towards my Certificate in Equine Surgery (Orthopaedics) since joining Towcester Veterinary Centre in 2009. While this has involved many hours at the books I have also been lucky enough to … Continue reading