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    Joined Towcester Veterinary Centre in 2005 and now a partner, Cat enjoys all aspects of surgery but has a special interest in orthopaedics and laparoscopy.

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    Your vets on TV

    Posted in Equine, Small Animal on by Cat

    We all know children who have a natural affinity towards animals, children that dream of one day being like the vets that looks after all their pets, a potential budding young veterinarian. Well the CBBC series Junior Vets lets children … Continue reading

    Is your dog a hero?

    Posted in Small Animal on by Cat

    We urgently need to update our blood donor registry and are looking for donors to join our list of existing canine heroes. Occasionally our patients need emergency blood transfusions due to bleeding or clotting disorders and half a litre of … Continue reading

    Antifreeze Kills

    Posted in Small Animal on by Cat

    Sadly we have had several fatal cases of ethylene glycol poisoning and wanted to highlight the dangers to your cat. Ethylene glycol is found in antifreeze products (radiator fluid, de-icing spray, windscreen wash). It tastes sweet and cats happily ingest … Continue reading

    Telephone conference on beef feeding and finishing

    Posted in Farm Animal on by Cat

    Notice to all Beef Producers BRP is planning a series of telephone conferences this winter on key beef feeding and finishing related issues. Finding time to leave the farm for meetings can sometimes be a challenge so the idea is … Continue reading

    How did she inhale a stone?

    Posted in Small Animal on by Cat

    Meet Gaia – a gorgeous inquisitive three year old black cat. A few weeks ago her owner phoned our emergency vet Sarah Elliott in the evening. Gaia was struggling to breathe and retching. Sarah asked that Gaia be brought to the … Continue reading

    Alpaca blood drive

    Posted in Farm Animal on by Cat

    Future crias in a crisis have one less thing to worry about, thanks to some life-saving alpaca blood donors! We at Towcester Veterinary Centre held our first ever Camelid Blood Drive on Tuesday 29th July, when we welcomed breeders bringing … Continue reading

    Storm’s thank you

    Posted in Small Animal, Surgical on by Cat

    Storm is a your typical beautiful and loveable yellow Labrador Retriever who lives by the sea in Essex. Sadly for him he had suffered from chronic severe ear infections for many years and was not responding to medical treatment. His … Continue reading

    Not just a flesh wound

    Posted in Small Animal on by Cat

    Laxa, a beautiful lively young Springer Spaniel, was enjoying a morning walk in Everdon Woods in the beginning of June. To his owner’s shock and dismay Laxa came back with full circumferential skin wound to his right front leg and … Continue reading

    Beware of flystrike

    Posted in Small Animal on by Cat

    Summer appears to be here and it’s this time of year that we need to be vigilant about fly-strike in our rabbits. What is Fly strike? Fly strike, also known as myiasis, happens when flies lay their eggs on the rabbit. These … Continue reading

    Weedon opens it doors on Monday!

    Posted in Equine, Farm Animal, Small Animal on by Cat

    We are thrilled that on Monday May 12th our new clinic in Weedon is opening its doors for business. It seems ages ago now since we signed the deeds to a derelict building in Autumn 2013. After months of work … Continue reading

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