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    Dental Care for Elderly Horses

    Posted in Equine on by Media

    It is very easy to let your horse’s dental care fall to the back of your mind as he or she gets older.  However, this is when a healthy mouth becomes most crucial in order to prevent excessive weight loss. … Continue reading

    Rabbits and Chicks aren’t just for Easter

    Posted in Small Animal on by Media

      Easter can be seen as a magical time to children; full of an array of bright colours, chocolate eggs and images of fluffy bunny rabbits and chirping chicks.  Though we all know how excited children get about the Easter … Continue reading

    Puppy problems: Eating rat bait.

    Posted in Small Animal on by Media

    We all know how naughty and curious puppies can be , but what happens when the extent of their curiosity threatens their health and wellbeing? Coco, a 9 month old cocker spaniel puppy, was admitted into our small animal hospital … Continue reading