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    Arthritis & your pets

    Posted in Small Animal on by Abii Dowdy Many pet owners in the UK own older pets. Whether these are dogs, cats, rabbits or exotics, once our pets start to go grey, we need to monitor their health more closely to pick up on problems that may be … Continue reading

    Pyometra – how can you protect your dog?

    Posted in Small Animal, Surgical on by Abii Dowdy Pyometra (also known as ‘Pyo’) is a condition affecting female dogs that requires urgent veterinary attention, without this your dog’s life is at risk. Pyo is an infection of the uterus caused by E.coli, a bacteria found in your dog’s … Continue reading

    Preventative healthcare against parasites!

    Posted in Small Animal on by Abii Dowdy Take a look at our latest article on how preventative treatments can help to keep your whole family safe from infection. A parasite is an organism that lives in or on another animal and benefits from depriving them of nutrients. … Continue reading

    Nose bleeds – what you need to know!

    Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy Have you ever arrived at the yard to find your horse has had a nose bleed? If so, don't panic! Our vet Philip has pulled together lots of information to help you understand why this could have happened and what … Continue reading

    Help protect the UK from African Swine Fever

    Posted in Farm Animal on by Abii Dowdy We need to be vigilant with our animals to avoid the introduction of African Swine Fever to the UK; a disease that has killed millions of pigs worldwide. A new campaign which has been welcomed with open arms from the … Continue reading

    Clinical Case: Eye Enucleation

    Posted in Farm Animal on by Abii Dowdy We were recently involved in a case that required the eye to be removed from a cow. The farmer had noticed a slow growing tumour developing at the corner of the eye over a period of weeks. We took the … Continue reading

    How to Spot Gastric Ulcers in your Horse

    Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy Has your horse’s behaviour changed? Are they sensitive around their girth area? Do they get stressed easily? If so, take a look at the tips below on how to spot if your horse could be suffering from Equine Gastric Ulcer … Continue reading

    Clinical case: Calf Hernia Operation

    Posted in Farm Animal on by Abii Dowdy ** WARNING - GRAPHIC IMAGES ** Hernias in calves can be fairly common diagnosis. A hernia is a weakness in the abdominal muscle walls which allows fat and occasionally abdominal contents, such as the intestines, to poke through and sit … Continue reading

    Helping hedgehogs over Summer!

    Posted in Small Animal on by Abii Dowdy Once the rainy weather disappears, it is important that we try to help the British wildlife that may be roaming around our gardens over Summer. We have gathered a few simple tips together that you can easily implement into your … Continue reading

    Summer Survival guide for Pet owners

    Posted in Small Animal on by Abii Dowdy With the UK warming up for Summer we thought it would be useful to gather a few tips to keep your pet in top condition: Keeping your pet cool To help your pet keep cool we recommend walking them either … Continue reading
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