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    Posted in Equine, Farm Animal, Horses, Small Animal, Surgical on by Abii Dowdy Firstly, we want to thank all of our clients for continuing to support all departments of Towcester Veterinary Centre during such a strange time. During lockdown, we followed government guidelines, with the advice of our governing body, to ensure the … Continue reading

    Colostrum colostrum colostrum!

    Posted in Farm Animal on by Abii Dowdy We really cannot stress enough HOW important colostrum consumption is for any newborn animal. The best way to prevent issues with youngstock is to ensure they get the correct amount of colostrum within the first 4 hours of life. Colostrum … Continue reading

    How to get lambing right? Ask the ewes!

    Posted in Farm Animal on by Abii Dowdy The energy and protein requirements close to lambing can increase by 60%, putting ewes under a lot of strain. To meet this energy demand, we must get the nutrition right in the build up to lambing, otherwise metabolic issues such … Continue reading

    Benchmarking antibiotic use on farm

    Posted in Farm Animal on by Abii Dowdy Thank you to all the clients who have provided stock numbers in the last 3 months – Els has been busily using the data to calculate antibiotic usage per farm, adjusted for the number of animals present at the time.This … Continue reading

    Look after your vaccines so they can look after your stock!

    Posted in Farm Animal on by Abii Dowdy Vaccines do a wonderful job protecting our animals from a variety of diseases and are a worthwhile investment to ensure the health of your herd or flock. However, it makes sense to protect this investment by making sure you look … Continue reading

    How to stamp out lameness in your flock

    Posted in Farm Animal on by Abii Dowdy Lameness is one of the biggest costs to the sheep farmer in the UK. Our team has written this article to help producers understand the reasons why their flock could be suffering and to highlight measures to help reduce the … Continue reading

    Help protect the UK from African Swine Fever

    Posted in Farm Animal on by Abii Dowdy We need to be vigilant with our animals to avoid the introduction of African Swine Fever to the UK; a disease that has killed millions of pigs worldwide. A new campaign which has been welcomed with open arms from the … Continue reading

    Clinical Case: Eye Enucleation

    Posted in Farm Animal on by Abii Dowdy We were recently involved in a case that required the eye to be removed from a cow. The farmer had noticed a slow growing tumour developing at the corner of the eye over a period of weeks. We took the … Continue reading

    Clinical case: Calf Hernia Operation

    Posted in Farm Animal on by Abii Dowdy ** WARNING - GRAPHIC IMAGES ** Hernias in calves can be fairly common diagnosis. A hernia is a weakness in the abdominal muscle walls which allows fat and occasionally abdominal contents, such as the intestines, to poke through and sit … Continue reading

    Pelvic scoring in Heifers

    Posted in Farm Animal on by Abii Dowdy Heifers are often the most problematic individuals during calving, most commonly due to a mismatch in the size of the calf and the dam’s pelvis. By measuring a heifer’s pelvic area before she is put to the bull we can … Continue reading
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