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    Towcester Vets Open Day fundraising total

    Posted in Equine, Farm Animal, Horses, Small Animal, Uncategorized on by Abii Dowdy On Sunday 16thSeptember 2018, Towcester Veterinary Centre held a charity open day at our Towcester Vets practice. We wanted to raise as much money as possible for both Pawprints Dog Rescue and Alzheimers Research UK.   Pawprints UK started off … Continue reading

    News regarding strangles

    Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy There are a couple of confirmed cases of strangles in the area. Appropriate action has been taken and all outbreaks are fully contained. Strangles is endemic within the population of our horses so sporadic cases are not uncommon. The important … Continue reading

    Vulva wound – *GRAPHIC IMAGES*

    Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy We were called to examine a mare who was found in the field with some blood on her leg. On closer inspection following sedation Ashley Schofield, the treating vet based at our Onley Equine practice, realised that the blood was … Continue reading


    Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy Grace's owner discovered that her mare had sustained a nasty wound to her head whilst relaxing in the solarium. As usual with horses the definitive cause of the wound couldn't be established as they can injure themselves on anything! Grace's … Continue reading

    Joint Aid Elite case study

    Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy Lenny, a 21 year old Irish Sport Horse, had been receiving a standard glucosamine supplement in his feed for over a year with no noticeable improvement. Many “off the shelf” supplements don’t contain the correct daily doses of glucosamine; as … Continue reading

    The danger of small wounds

    Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy As a horse owner it is incredibly important to realise how serious small wounds can be, especially if located over a joint. A recent case treated at our clinic highlights this perfectly. A high-level competition horse had jumped well and … Continue reading


    Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy Mesotherapy is a nonsurgical method of treating chronic musculoskeletal pain in horses. It involves multiple injections into the middle layer of the skin — the mesoderm. Depending on the individual clinical examination of the patient and it’s history, single anti-inflammatory … Continue reading

    Hock wound

    Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy Late last year, the above mare was found in her paddock tangled in wire fencing. The mare’s owner managed to free her from the fencing and our vet Gemma was called to attend.   The mare had sustained multiple wounds, … Continue reading

    Getting to our Towcester Equine Vets clinic!

    Posted in Equine, Horses, Uncategorized on by Abii Dowdy Routes avoiding A5 / TOWCESTER HIGH STREET during planned roadworks. Roadworks are taking place through the highlighted area from July through to November 2018. Many routes immediately surrounding this area are likely to be heavily congested. We’ve suggested some alternative … Continue reading


    Posted in Equine, Horses, Uncategorized on by Abii Dowdy This is a case of a 10 year old thoroughbred gelding which presented to Towcester Equine Vets for poor performance issues (lack of impulsion, unwillingness to work in an outline, poor jumping technique).   The lameness/poor performance examination consists of … Continue reading
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