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Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy Whilst out hacking Chaz managed to injure himself by sitting on a fence. His rider immediately called Onley Equine Vets . The wound was around 50cm in length and breached the underlying muscle. The wound was clipped and cleaned and … Continue reading

Thorn in the eye!

Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy On our Facebook page recently, we asked our followers what they could see in the above photo. Our vet Abi has released the answer! Well done to everybody that guessed correctly!   "This pony came in from the field with … Continue reading

How to combat colic

Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy Combating horse colic The horse’s digestive tract is very sensitive and it’s remarkably long, at more than 30 metres from oesophagus to rectum. If you were to unravel it, it would be twice the length of a London bus. It’s … Continue reading


Posted in Equine, Farm Animal, Horses, Small Animal on by Abii Dowdy Following the success of our equine team baring all to raise money for the Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance back in 2016, the team decided it was time to strip off again! However, the equine vets were not the only … Continue reading

Coffin Joint Osteoarthritis

Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy This horse was presented to our clinic for a lameness investigation. His owner complained that the horse hadn't felt right for the last few weeks. On examination it was found there was bilateral effusion (swelling) of both front coffin joints. Effusion … Continue reading

Macmillan Coffee Morning 2017

Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy A massive thank you to everybody that came to our Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday 29th September. Not only did we have lots of delicious cake and snacks baked by staff and clients, we also raised over £500 with the … Continue reading

left hind cannon wound

Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy In April Burt came in from the paddock very lame, with a wound to the outside aspect of the top of his left hind cannon. Burt was attended by one of our vets and he was sedated to allow exploration … Continue reading

Nail in the foot

Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy In July, Danta came in from the field non-weight bearing on his left hindlimb. On inspection, his owner found an object penetrating his solar surface. His owner left the object in place due to the unknown position of the object … Continue reading


Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy Last week on Facebook we asked our followers what is wrong with the above image? We received lots of responses so our vet Andy thought we should give you an explanation as to how a lameness workup is completed and … Continue reading

Supplement of the Season

Posted in Equine, Horses on by Abii Dowdy Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin which has been shown scientifically to improve equine hoof hardness and growth rates. Horses are unable to synthesise biotin, therefore the vitamin must be obtained through either the diet or via intestinal absorption via … Continue reading
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