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    Pyometra – how can you protect your dog?

    Posted in Small Animal, Surgical on by Abii Dowdy Pyometra (also known as ‘Pyo’) is a condition affecting female dogs that requires urgent veterinary attention, without this your dog’s life is at risk. Pyo is an infection of the uterus caused by E.coli, a bacteria found in your dog’s … Continue reading

    Pet Loss & Bereavement Support Advisor

    Posted in Equine, Farm Animal, Horses, Small Animal, Surgical on by Abii Dowdy We are happy to announce that we now have our very own Bereavement Support Advisor. Tessa, one of our Receptionists, has completed a Pet Loss & Bereavement Support Advisor Course through Innovet-CPD Training, as well as completing an 8 week … Continue reading

    Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome

    Posted in Small Animal, Surgical on by Abii Dowdy The gorgeous Dexter came in last week for a nose job- which, in this case, was not for cosmetic purposes! As is common with many brachycephalic dogs and cats, Dexter suffers from a condition known as BOAS- brachycephalic obstructive airway … Continue reading

    Dental disease in older dogs

    Posted in Small Animal, Surgical on by Abii Dowdy Basil is a 14 year old, male Parson Russell Terrier. With his increasingly bad breath and noted poor dental health, the decision was made to undergo a general anaesthetic in order to extract the severely affected teeth and to scale … Continue reading

    Paulerspury Vets Opening Tuesday 1st May!

    Posted in Equine, Farm Animal, Small Animal, Surgical on by Kat Mozdzynski

    Exciting news as our Paulerspury Small Animal Clinic, located at the same site as Towcester Equine Vets (Plum Park Farm), is OFFICIALLY opening on Tuesday 1st May 2018! We will be open for bookings from 9am – 10:30am Monday to … Continue reading

    Storm’s thank you

    Posted in Small Animal, Surgical on by Cat

    Storm is a your typical beautiful and loveable yellow Labrador Retriever who lives by the sea in Essex. Sadly for him he had suffered from chronic severe ear infections for many years and was not responding to medical treatment. His … Continue reading

    Surgical Referrals Winter Newsletter 2013

    Posted in Surgical on by Cat

    WINTER  NEWSLETTER 2013 So Christmas is upon us again and it seems only yesterday that we were wishing everyone a Happy New Year. At Towcester Veterinary Centre Surgical Referrals we have seen a steady increase in referrals over the year … Continue reading

    Latest thoughts on the treatment of Impinging Dorsal Spinous Processes (DSPs)

    Posted in Equine, Horses, Surgical on by Alice

    DSP impingement, colloquially known as “Kissing Spines” is a common cause of back pain in horses (1). The normal spaces between these uppermost process of the horse’s vertebral column are reduced and pain arises from the bone to bone contact … Continue reading

    Young bones heal quickly

    Posted in Small Animal, Surgical on by Cat

    Meet the lovely Reggie – sweet enough to eat isn’t he! He is an Italian Greyhound, a very dainty sighthound breed. At the tender age of 3 months he broke his tibia (shin bone) one Sunday afternoon. He was a … Continue reading

    Genevieve’s special chair

    Posted in Small Animal, Surgical on by Cat

    Genevieve is a 7 year old Springer Spaniel who was referred to us from a local practice with a history of vomiting. She underwent endoscopy which involves looking inside her gastrointestinal tract with a camera. She was diagnosed and treated … Continue reading

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