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    CRGV (Alabama Rot) Update

    Posted in Small Animal, Uncategorized on by Abii Dowdy We have unfortunately just received confirmation that one of our patients sadly died as a result of Cutaneous Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy also known as Alabama Rot.   Comparatively, this is a rare disease, and to our knowledge this is the … Continue reading


    Posted in Equine, Horses, Uncategorized on by Abii Dowdy As many of you will be aware there have been a number of recent outbreaks of Equine Influenza in parts of Europe and the UK. There has now been a reported case of Influenza in Leicestershire as of 3:30pm this … Continue reading

    Towcester Vets Open Day fundraising total

    Posted in Equine, Farm Animal, Horses, Small Animal, Uncategorized on by Abii Dowdy On Sunday 16thSeptember 2018, Towcester Veterinary Centre held a charity open day at our Towcester Vets practice. We wanted to raise as much money as possible for both Pawprints Dog Rescue and Alzheimers Research UK.   Pawprints UK started off … Continue reading

    Getting to our Towcester Equine Vets clinic!

    Posted in Equine, Horses, Uncategorized on by Abii Dowdy Routes avoiding A5 / TOWCESTER HIGH STREET during planned roadworks. Roadworks are taking place through the highlighted area from July through to November 2018. Many routes immediately surrounding this area are likely to be heavily congested. We’ve suggested some alternative … Continue reading


    Posted in Equine, Horses, Uncategorized on by Abii Dowdy This is a case of a 10 year old thoroughbred gelding which presented to Towcester Equine Vets for poor performance issues (lack of impulsion, unwillingness to work in an outline, poor jumping technique).   The lameness/poor performance examination consists of … Continue reading

    Optimise your pets Health and Wellbeing at this free event!

    Posted in Uncategorized on by Kat Mozdzynski

    Do you know how much your dog weighs? Is he/she a healthy weight? Would you like to learn ways to keep your dog mentally and physically healthy? We have teamed up with Laura Wyllie Dog Training, Jackador and Active Pet … Continue reading

    Bluetongue Found in Imported stock

    Posted in Farm Animal, Uncategorized on by Kat Mozdzynski

    The British Veterinary Association is warning everyone to be extra vigilant when importing livestock after Defra announced that a number of cattle that tested positive for Bluetongue virus BTV-8 were imported from France. The BVA says “The animals entered the UK … Continue reading


    The Clinical Case of Finn

    Posted in Equine, Horses, Uncategorized on by Abii Dowdy Here is Finn. Finn came to us after his owner found him in the field with this nasty wound, presumed to be from a kick. She called us immediately and cold hosed it while waiting for Katharine to arrive. Once … Continue reading

    Air Ambulance Handover

    Posted in Equine, Horses, Uncategorized on by Abii Dowdy As many of you have probably seen, Towcester and Onley Equine Vets revealed a Naked 2016 Calendar, with vets, nurses and reception staff featuring. The total amount raised from the calendar sales, the sponsored back wax and the final donations … Continue reading

    Recurrent Airway Obstruction

    Posted in Equine, Horses, Uncategorized on by Abii Dowdy RAO, previously termed as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) is a chronic lower respiratory order (meaning it can be found in the lungs and bronchi) seen in horses and ponies. Even though RAO is more common in older horses it … Continue reading
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