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  • Oral Foreign Body in a Yearling

    This yearling presented after suddenly becoming inappetant. He was initially examined at the yard but referred into the clinic by Mike. The yearling was sedated and examined in the clinic stocks. A houseman gag was fitted to keep the mouth open. Our digital videoscope was used to examine the mouth and pharynx (throat). It was immediately obvious that a large piece of hedge was lodged in the back of the throat. The endoscope enabled us to assess where exactly the foreign body was lodged and how much damaged it had caused before removal. The back of the throat and larynx were extremely inflamed but there was no other major damage. A pair of long forceps was used to gently dislodge and remove the branch. A video recording was made of the procedure. You can watch the video below but please note, it may not be for the faint-hearted!