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  • Slab Fracture of a Maxillary Cheek Tooth

    This horse was presented because the owner had noticed that her horse was quidding (dropping food while eating). A full mouth speculum and a good light source was used to examine the oral cavity thoroughly. A slab fracture was found affecting a maxillary cheek tooth (209). The tooth had fractured in the saggital plane probably due to coalescing dental caries. Food impacts into the fracture site causing lateral displacement of the lateral side of the tooth. The fracture was removed and the the sharp corners of both maxillary teeth 208 & 210 were removed using a motorised rotating hand held disc. The rest of the enamel points affecting the rest of the teeth were also removed. The mouth was washed out with dilute antiseptic solution and the horse was treated with a course of systemic antibiotics and non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.