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  • Solar penetration by a blackthorn

    This horse presented with a severe forelimb lameness. It had been lame for several days. Careful examination of the solar surface of the foot revealed a small circular mark of a slightly different colour to the solar horn. The horse resented digital pressure applied to this area. It was assumed that a blackthorn had penetrated the sole and had broken off flush with the sole. The horse was sedated and the foot was numbed by infiltrating  local anaesthetic around the nerves supplying the foot (abaxial sesamoid block).This enabled the removal of solar horn from around the thorn thus releasing the pus that had accumulated there. All the under run sole was removed. The debrided area was cleaned revealing the thorn penetrating the sensitive laminae. It was removed using forceps. The foot was then bathed in a warm solution of  magnesium sulphate before being packed with dry magnesium sulphate crystals. The foot was dressed with duct tape. The foot was tubbed and packed daily. The horse was also given pain relief in the form of phenybutasone orally. It is now sound and doing well. Please watch this fascinating case video.