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  • Solar Penetration

    This horse lost a shoe and the toe clip penetrated the solar surface of the foot in 2 places. The hard horny layer of sole was breeched and the toe clip hit the sensitive layer closely adherent to the surface of the pedal bone. The foot was X-rayed as there was a very real chance of pedal bone fracture which luckily was not the case. A nerve block was placed to numb the foot to facilitate removal of the overlying horn to allow drainage of infected material. The resulting wound was tubbed in and packed with magnesium sulphate. The horse was admitted to our clinic in order to refit a shoe and attach a hospital plate. This removes any pressure on the wound when the horse bears weight thus providing pain relief.
    The wound was treated in our clinic for 5 days. Upon re examination, 2 weeks later, back at the yard, the wound had keratinised and the horse was sound.

    Please watch the following video which shows how we treated this case